LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Keeping Up Appearances

My client had a very common Jewish surname though she used a less-common pronunciation (let’s use, as an example, Rose the flower vs. Rosé the wine).  At the contract signing, she asked me to impress the more exotic pronunciation on the other attorney, and I said, “No problem.”  However, the opportunity never arose (no pun intended), as we communicated via fax and e-mail throughout the transaction.


At the closing, my client and I sat in the conference room, and heard the other side arrive. “We’re here for the [Rose] closing,” the attorney announced to the receptionist.


My client glared at me in a perfect imitation of Hyacinth Bucket.* “I asked you to make sure he didn’t say that. Didn’t you do your job?”


Some days you can see the screw-up coming. On other days, however, I can’t even imagine how I’ll screw up.


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