LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

How Hard Can It Be?

The caller and I started off on the wrong foot. “I didn’t want to even hire a lawyer,” he said. “I told my wife, how hard can it be? But my father-in-law read me the riot act, and insisted that I call you.”


I said that I guessed I appreciated the call, and would look forward to helping the caller and his spouse purchase a home.


“Well, I’m not sure you’ll have much to do. We’re buying a house for 3% down and the sellers have 30 days until the foreclosure sale. Most of the details should work themselves out, I’m assuming.”


I pulled that deal all the way to closing, insisting on present title clearance of matters that may only later become a problem, working a substantially lower appraisal into a buyer benefit, and practically standing on my head to get the lender’s attorney what she needed.  As the buyers figured this stuff all just happens by itself, I received only a perfunctory “See ya if we ever need ya” from them at the closing.


Their check was all the reward I needed, but darn, a “This stuff is harder than it appears” would have been nice, too.


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