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Tossed Salad Wednesday

~~Yesterday, I informed clients and attorneys that I’d be out of the office starting Wednesday afternoon for Rosh Hashanah.  Three times, I was asked “a personal question,” and three times, I answered, “Yes, ‘Smith’ can be a Jewish name. My grandfather had his name involuntarily changed at Ellis Island.”


~~I received some interesting e-mail feedback on my latest Huffington Post (see yesterday’s blog below).  While some lauded my “voice of reason,” more than a few industry people chastised me for discouraging economic improvement. “If someone saves some money every month, he’ll spend it at the movies and deli,” was one comment (true, but my post was about borrowing more with a higher monthly cost). Another was, “That’s foolish advice. If the RV loan is 8 or 9%, it makes perfect sense to refi down to 3-4%.” Yes, the numbers would say so, but swapping home equity for an RV says otherwise!


~~I mentioned to one correspondent that I was taking some flak, and here’s how she responded: “Common sense is that their input is a conflict of interest to begin with - that is how they make their living.  You keep being the voice of reason in this very unstable economic time.  I have often thought of a refinance to get out of credit card debt, and then I think, I have less than seven years to go.  If I default on a credit card that is unsecured debt, all they can do is mess up my credit.  The house is another story, and with that thought I leave things as they are.”


~~I went to my last Mets game yesterday. It was only the second time I’d been to Citi in 2011, and I am still not that enamored with the ballpark.  Perhaps a winning season would change my attitude!


~~ I want to wish all my readers who celebrate the happiest, healthiest, and sweetest of new years. L'Shanah Tovah.

Photo by (= dana <3 J.M =)


For everyone else, have a good weekend!

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