LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Skewed Sense of the Offensive

The closing seemed to start as any other. However, the buyers’ attorney, who was skating in the gray area of ethics by representing both the borrowers and the lender, became increasingly snide in his answers as I asked the questions that needed to be asked, like if he had bank checks for the sales proceeds (he sneered, “Of course,” as if it was the dumbest question ever).


90 minutes later, after I asked for the third time to see these checks so I could finish calculations and write my escrow checks, he admitted that he had no checks, and was counting on the now very tardy title closer to bring them.  When I remarked that he could have said that the first time, he launched into a double-barrel tirade against me, calling me “nasty from the moment you walked in.”


He was unprofessional, barely bordering on ethical (and I’m investigating whether a remark he made to his client about federal info needs to be reported), and seemingly had a title closer take care of his professional banking. Yet I’m nasty for asking a routine question and being lied to in response?


I never cease to wonder at the bottom-feeders in my profession.
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