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Bedeviling Details

Let me preface this rant by saying that I know we all make mistakes. However, we shouldn’t repeat the same avoidable mistakes.


I corresponded with an attorney who closes for a mega-big national lender, and she kept referring to “dispursements,” when the correct word is “disbursements.” Further, her faxed and e-mail checklists refer to her address incorrectly, adding an extra “e” to turnpike, so it becomes “turnpikee.”


I’m an editor and I used to be a proofreader, so I notice these things. While they annoy me far too much, I do know that it’s rude to point out typos unless you’re a parent, teacher, or the boss.  Still, I thought some friendly advice from a colleague might be appreciated.  When our last deal ended, I remarked that she might be unaware of the mistakes and should let spell-check have a go through her form correspondence.


She laughed and said, “Who cares about that stuff? The bank doesn’t proofread my work and neither should you.”


Point taken.

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Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:55 pm (UTC)
On one occasion I tried giving the same friendly feedback to a realtor. I pointing out that I would be reluctant to list my house with her for fear that she would represent me with misspelled words in her advertisement. She thanked my but indicated that she uses spell-check. Oh sigh...I could see her difficulty. You need to KNOW the difference between waive and wave, then and than, effect and affect.

Unfortunately for me, I also cringe at mispronounced words. Can we add, to your Turnpikee, the "Bagatellee exit"? For almost a year I sat in an office with a colleague who gave people directions to our building and I was amazed that despite my casual mention of the "traffic by Bagatelle Rd", the "sharp turn after Bagatelle Rd.", she continued to mispronounce it. Now that I think of it, I wonder if she cringed too, thinking that after all the times I had heard her giving directions with the correct pronunciation, I INSISTED on mispronouncing the word. THAT is even funnier than Bagateleeeeee
Sep. 23rd, 2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
Somewhere, she's pointing out in another blog how dense her colleague was in never realizing that Bagatelle rhymed with smelly!
Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:57 pm (UTC)
Ooops, meant to write I POINTED out.
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