LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Not an Earthquake-- Just Me Banging My Fists

You’d think I’d be celebrating if a seller-client found a buyer the same day as a buyer-client found a house. Two deals in one day, shades of 2004, woo-hoo!  But this is 2011, and my luck doesn’t run that way.  


My buyer-client, who was looking in an area quite west of the seller-client, decided to turn her search east, where she found a “terrific” house that was on the market for quite some time. If you guessed that she found my seller-client’s house, you’d be correct.


I can’t represent both parties, so I advised each of them about the conflict, and told the buyer that as the seller had been my client when he bought the house, I’d continue that representation. I thanked the buyer for the opportunity, and advised her to seek other counsel (she did).


Having lost the buyer, I consoled myself that I still had one new deal.  But the real estate agent told the seller that she had an attorney who’d represent him for less than half my fee (I looked the guy up, he’s a matrimonial attorney who probably uses real estate as a loss leader).


If you’re keeping score at home, that’s two pitches and two outs.


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