LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Who's Sorry Now?

I hit the voicemail button on the speakerphone, grabbed my phone book and pen, and heard a man clearing his throat.  He then identified himself as a potential client I’d been working with for over a month. As soon as I heard, “I’m sorry, but…” I put the pen down and cradled my head in my hands.


The latest disappointment in decade of discontent droned on.  “…I won’t be buying the house. I know you did a lot of work, but I am convinced that house won’t sell so soon. My whole family thinks it will drop substantially in price after the summer.”


I was banging my head on the desk, so the continuing chatter from the voicemail was far from clear. I think my caller concluded with words meant to cheer me. “I’ll be back in touch!”


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