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I respectfully told a client that she either jettisons the (not yet in contract) buyer of her house or I will regretfully withdraw as her counsel.  I can’t stand dealing with the other attorney, a foul, gutter-mouthed bully, who increasingly ramps up his nastiness as his browbeating doesn’t work on me.  What's he on the warpath about? The roof of a free-standing garage is leaking... that’s hardly a life-or-death matter that requires relentless acts of attempted intimidation, is it?

I can't afford to lose a fee, but I am tired of emails that start "YOU MUST..." and threatening conversations straight out of a Godfather movie. "If you know what's good for you, you'll tell your client to..."


I'm too burnt out to take this level of crap from a guy probably 20 years younger than me who thinks oppression and negotiation are the same thing. He’s not a good attorney; he’s just an petty tyrant terrorizing a lawyer who doesn’t care all that much about a roof that will get patched on my client’s terms anyway.


The seller "hates" the buyer, she tells me, and she’s tired about the other nit-picky things he calls her directly to demand. But I know she really needs to sell, so I’ve counseled her to fire me.  Otherwise, I just might hunt this attorney down and shove a bar of soap in his mouth (or perhaps his other end).  And I'm fairly positive that wouldn’t help heal her deal!


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