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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~A seller hands me a letter from his Home Owner’s Association as he brags to those assembled around the closing table how “savvy and smart” the people on the Board of Directors are. “Really?” I can’t believe the set-up line he’s just handed me as I peruse the letter. “So how come the letter from the HOA Board President says your ‘annual dues are paid through September 31, 2011’?”

~~~Yesterday’s subject, Ms. Nein, was in an especially dour mood.  She responded to my email inquiring about the status of a matter with this gem: “That’s the kind of request I am not going to tackle less than 30 minutes before the close of business.” It wouldn’t have taken any more effort to respond to the email with  “Received—I’ll get back to you tomorrow,” or she could have just done nothing and waited until today to respond. I guess neither of those responses would come to the mind of such a toxic personality.

~~~Have you notice how restrained I have been all week about Carmelo Anthony coming to the Knicks?  I stuck to real estate related topics when all I wanted to do for the last two days is discuss the resurrection of the hopes and dreams of a fan (me) who has been loyal and patient, with little reward, since the mid-1960s.We have a rule in my house that unless it’s the playoffs, the TV doesn’t come on until dinner is concluded (the television in the den is visible from the kitchen). But the rule was broken Wednesday night so that we could watch the pre-game introductions and hear the roar of the crowd at the Garden!

~~~The March issue of Boating Times Long Island in now online.

Have a terrific weekend! I’ll be working long hours Saturday and Sunday, as usual, but am heartened to know that pre-season baseball games are starting up.  I’ll wait a bit, however, to amend my Friday sign-off…



Photo from the Knicks store

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