LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

RealtyTimes has a market analysis entitled “Pensacola, Florida, An Increasing Inventory of Beautiful Homes” in which Realtor Nancy Bristow reports, The area is emerging as a more upscale market than ever before. The supply of homes for sale is increasing. Depending on the owners of waterfront lots, whether they will rebuild or sell the land is yet to be determined after the hurricanes. Either way, prices will be higher than ever when the waterfront properties are put up for sale. The months of August and September were soft but the market is bouncing back. The demand for relocation information is steady. Our prices are catching up to more expensive areas of the country. Our "Sleepy Paradise" still exists, but not the way those of us who have lived here for years remember it.

Let’s translate from Realtor-speak to Real-Lawyer speak, just for the hell of it:

“The supply of homes for sale is increasing”: inventory is not moving, but people still want to list their homes and get out of Pensacola;

“…waterfront lots, whether they will rebuild or sell the land”…: home got wrecked, demolished, flooded, or otherwise badly damaged by a recent hurricane and insurance didn’t cover much, if anything;

“…the market is bouncing back”: any sales are better than no sales during hurricane season;

“…demand for relocation information…”: we’ve sent out tons of brochures;

“Our prices are catching up…”: home prices in other areas are dropping more than in this area;;

“…not the way those of us…remember it”: we can recall when homeowner’s insurance was easily available, and didn’t cost the same as an Honda when we do find an insurer willing to take the risk.

Realtors should be cheerleaders for their area and their customers, and I am sure Nancy is doing a fine job. But Sellers need to cut through the hype to see that now might not be the time to toss another home listing onto a wave tossed ship sinking from area listings. On the other hand, Buyers need to uncover whether prices are truly rising, holding steady, or starting to decline, without falling victims to the siren call of Pensacola being an “upscale”…”Sleepy Paradise”.

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