LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

“Marian the Librarian" may also be a Landlord

From the day I got my library card, I dreamed about living in a home surrounded by books. I’ve succeeded so well that I have an annual get together where I beg friends to take away some of the many books over taking my house.

In Brooklyn, a seemingly similar thought has occurred to those looking to increase the availability of moderately priced housing. A Community development group has proposed demolishing inadequate, deteriorating branch libraries and replacing them with bigger, state of the art facilities that may each be topped by up to 200 affordable apartments.

This dream was already realized last September in St. Paul, MN, when a developer replaced a small branch library with a spanking-new 32,000-square-foot one that boasted 98 mixed-income apartments.

NIMBY-ism is present everywhere, but what a great way to temper community objections, and perhaps even get overwhelming neighborhood support. I have a friend who considers herself lucky to have a great gym underneath her apartment, and she is. But how much luckier I’d consider myself if I were living above a library!
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