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“Better Than Reality TV”

That’s what an audience member termed her email to me after a seminar.  She recounted her misadventure in trying to buy a house:

I’ve been looking [in one particular town] since Dec. 2008 after the stockmarket crash. Well, the house I was crazy about....where  the gentleman did not pay his mortgage since the fall of 2007, is off the market...this fellow had  a mortgage with [well-known lender, not defunct]...he was on the auction calendar 3 times…He had missed his homeowner review appt ...I called a week ago to the bank's attorney....the file is closed....the owner got a HAMP modification and is no  longer in  foreclosure...this person hasn't paid a mortgage in 3 years and was able to save his house!

All I can say is "I wish I didn't pay my house expenses and lived free for 3 years and could still keep my house"....there are many people playing the system quite well.... [a real estate agent in that town], says there are 300 families in [town] not paying for 18 months and he is worried about them all coming onto the market.

This email was followed up with another from her, recounting more of the saga she wished to share about people I didn’t know and a deal I’d never get:

Well, the broker called me yesterday afternoon and filled me in on the homeowner. My delinquent seller apparently worked all summer for the gentleman in town known to be Mafia....My seller is a bricklayer… He installed a huge patio (something like 30,000 sq. ft.!) and was paid a huge amount of money. He in turn gave the money to his bank. He was able to pay all his penalties, etc. That solves the mystery of how an individual could suddenly be current with the bank...I jokingly said to the broker, "hey, if he didn't do a good job, he would certainly be sleeping with the fish!" You can't make these stories up......

I know that I wouldn’t make up anything like this.



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