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The Kindness of a Semi-Stranger

I heard that a former client of mine has passed away.  I only knew her for a few months in 2006, but I recall her graciousness when she came to sign the contracts in my office.

My dog Willie was in the final stage of his life at that time, and loved nothing more than to sleep nearby to me on an old comforter.  I kept him in my office when I could; one morning he was in asleep by my conference table, as I figured he could rest there until after lunch (I had a client at 1:00 PM).

At 11:45 AM my client came by quite early, as she was “already in the area.” I was embarrassed to relate that while I had no other client and would love to see her this early, I did have a snoring Wheaten Terrier spread eagle on a Power Rangers’ blanket in the midst of my office!

She grinned and said she didn’t mind, and we proceeded towards the inner office. When she spied my frail, sick pooch, she got down on her hands and knees to coo over him and rub his belly for quite a long while.  Willie loved the affection, and seemed more active than he had in a few weeks.

We reviewed the contract, she kissed Willie, and departed.  He was gone shortly thereafter, and now this woman is gone as well.  Willie was with me for 15 years, and I’ll never forget how gentle and sweet he was.  And while this kindly client was only in my acquaintance for the time it took her buyer to obtain a mortgage and close, I’ll never forget her small act of compassion towards my ailing canine.

That’s Willie on the left:



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