LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Don’t Take Your Troubles Into the Voting Booth

You can’t be any more fearful of the future than I am, but I won’t sacrifice my values and principles when I vote tomorrow.  I still believe in a strong, progressive country that keeps the poorest from falling through the cracks, the richest from running roughshod over existing laws, the straight from oppressing the gay, the misogynists from limiting women, the racists from holding down those they hate, and the fearful from prohibiting the forward march of an entire nation.

I won’t vote to return the country to the failed policies pushed through by W’s party, the party that says “no” to progress. The Republicans started two wars which drove up the deficit, and for good measure handed the banks and the corporations all the power that they have exercised over the past few years. Loved one dead or injured in Iraq or Afghanistan, unemployed, underemployed, drowning in debt, foreclosed upon, or hungry? Thank the party of “no.”

If you nodded your head in agreement with what I wrote, please make sure you get out and vote tomorrow.  And if you disagree with everything I believe in, please go ahead and vote.  Because a low turnout is way worse than seeing election results with which I disagree.

If you don’t vote, the powers-that-be think no one is watching.  And if they think no one is holding them accountable, the consequences will be disastrous, no matter which party is in power.

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