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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~ Bullies don’t outgrow their nastiness and pettiness by the time they finish school.  I met a middle-aged bully yesterday who tried to intimidate me.  I just laughed; you could tell by the look in his eyes that it infuriated him. Yet I can see just how a low-life like this faux-tyrant could make someone’s life wretched (or worse). I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being flabbergasted (and saddened) by the way some people go out of their way to make others’ lives miserable.

~~~When a potential client needs me to prepare documents that must be filed with the county or the state, I first calculate those costs before quoting a price for my services.  After all, I am not going to charge a fee of say, $500 for a few hours work when the County Clerk will be seeking $275 to record the document.  The other day a woman told me her accountant said that “everything’s negotiable” and that I should actually only be charging half the quoted price.  I told her that was actually the case, since more than half of my “fee” was administrative costs.  Without hesitation, she replied that I should “negotiate on that end too, because business is business everywhere, you know?” Sure—I’ll call the County Clerk and ask them to record the document for less than the published rate.  While I’m at it, maybe I can bargain with the DMV for a cheaper driver’s license renewal fee! I wonder, does her accountant succeed in reducing clients’ tax brackets by using his oh-so-persuasive “business is business” negotiating tactic?


~~~I don’t want my readers to think my week was filled only with bullies and bargainers.  On the contrary, I met some very lovely people, was the recipient of a few acts of kindness, and saw something close to a miracle. OK, it’s not a miracle if the Knicks start the new season with a win, but it is a sensation as far as I am concerned!

~~~As of now, the Fox-Cablevision feud means I won’t get to watch the Jets play Sunday afternoon; two billionaires brawl, and millions of viewers lose.  Baseball is terrific on the radio, and I grew up listening to Knicks’ games, but football and hockey are meant to be watched, in my opinion. A lot of the action takes place away from the ball or the puck, and the best announcer can’t tell me as much about who’s hovering and who’s breaking free as my eyes can see.  [Don’t tell the dueling duo, but] I guess if I have to miss a game on TV, this is the Sunday to do it.  The last time the Jets played on Halloween, I was answering the door so often to give out candy that I missed 3/4s of the game, anyway.  Why can’t everyone come between noon and 1 PM, and then go home to eat their fun–sized bars of empty calories in front of the TV?

Have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!




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