LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

The Subculture of Ramen Noodles

Wow! Monday’s mention of a reader’s reassurance that I could get through anything if he learned to embrace ramen noodles really struck a chord.  My inbox was flooded with notes from readers singing the praises of this noodle dish as filling and cheap. And a few of you were even nice enough to point out that most supermarket ramen noodle packets are neither vegetarian nor vegan, and that the veg ones are way more expensive (the best comment along those lines was “I have no idea how poor vegans manage to eat”).

The stories readers shared ranged from the “when I was a starving student” category to the much more heartbreaking “now that I have been unemployed since last year” type of tale. If you judge my readers’ emails as a microcosm of our country as a whole, we are no longer as prosperous or as upbeat a nation as we used to be.

Two readers eat ramen for lunch and dinner almost every day of the week, and one apparently buys the packets in such large quantities that she spends “no more than 80 cents per serving.”  And did you know that you can make a few different desserts out of the noodles, while saving the packets for seasoning other dishes or making broth?  I do now.

I’ve definitely learned a lot already, and I can apparently do more ramen reading if I am so inclined. A quick google search just found 741,000 results for “ramen noodles,” and that only takes into account cyber-mentions. Imagine how many people are existing on ramen but just aren’t discussing it online?

Photo by VirtualErn
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