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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~So this depressing recession thing I’ve been complaining about since 2006?  The National Bureau of Economic Research has declared that it didn’t even start until the end of 2007 and it concluded half-way through 2009.  So what the hell was I needlessly carping about for all that extra time? 

~~~Speaking of needless carping, I had two calls just yesterday from people who were way behind in their mortgages and were asking for workout assistance.  What whiners! Don’t they know that the economy is better now than it was last year? Why would anyone believe they are having financial trouble 15 months after the recession officially ended?

~~~A candidate I supported in the primary for the New York AG’s race lost by a small margin.  I’ve spoken with four people over the past week or so who “intended” to vote for her, and just forgot or were unable to find a few minutes to vote.  Multiply that statewide, and you can see how races can be won—or lost—based on citizens not fully engaging in the voting process.  It’s not fun and it's certainly not always convenient, but it's vital to make your voice heard!

~~~I’ve gotten a few emails this week from non-Jets’ fans gloating about the sheer stupidity of Braylon Edwards drinking & driving. I don’t control my teams’ players any more than you control yours; I just root for them between the lines.  They aren’t all upstanding people, and I don’t need to defend them—I can even trash them while still feeling loyalty to the laundry.  Does that make me foolish?  Probably, because it is sheer folly to follow sports anyway.  But I’ll throw out this challenge to all the “nyah, nyah, your team is stupid” Dolphin fans people who wrote me:  Let me know why you haven’t left your church because of the actions of low-life priests, or went to see a movie starring an actor who was twice jailed for drugs, or voted for a politician who supported a spurious war, or bought frozen mac & cheese from a company that kills people with tobacco products. If you can’t defend your actions on (one or more of) those fronts, maybe you can see how we can all be simultaneous supporters and denouncers?

Have a great weekend!  The Mets’ season is mercifully drawing to a close, pre-season hockey has just begun, my son is rooting for Big Blue and I know I’ve got one Roll, Tide! reader-fan, but I’ll conclude precisely as you knew I would:

Go Mets!  & J!-E!-T!-S!  JETS! JETS! JETS!



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