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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~It is absolutely amazing to me how little professionalism many people seem to possess.  (Don’t go thinking that this is a “these young people” deals, or an “in my day” sort of thing.  This cuts across all adult ages.) Earlier this year I shared an e-mail response from an age 70ish attorney:  Been on a fooking boat for the past 10 days just landed at jfk back in office tomorrow.  Why would you write that?  Just wait until you get in the office to reply!

And recently I had to deal with a woman, in her 40s, who was advised five times that the supposedly corrected document she’d sent was incorrect. Each time she’d responded that the change had been made.  Her final response to my sixth “it’s still wrong” was:  Didn’t see what you wanted. Didn’t have my reading glasses on. This is a free-lance employee being paid for her services. If she knew she needed glasses, why didn’t she put them on when she started to work?  

~~~With regard to the alleged dog allergy incident I related two days ago, I want to share with you what happened when I mused aloud to the instigating agent how “peculiar” this whole matter was. Her response was highly descriptive:  “This is a very, very bizarre business nowadays. And the people? They are just-off-the-charts nuts.”

~~~Tonight Yom Kippur begins.  I looked back to see what I wrote in 2008, and frankly, nothing changed since then:

I wake up each morning thinking “this will be a better day than yesterday” and strive to make it so in my tiny portion of this great big world.  More often than not, I fail, as I try to take on the cares and woes of a great many of my clients (and their friends, relatives, and acquaintances) while having shoulders fairly battered and burdened by my own economic distress.  I sometimes succeed, however, and that keeps me going for another day.  While I am sure you have your stories to share and burdens to bear, please know that while I am truly up to my eyeballs in the twists, turns, tragedies, and traumas of my own life and those around me, I believe we are all in this together, and I am pulling for your happiness. 

Happy New Year.  If you observe, have an easy fast.

Have a great weekend! And it wouldn’t be Friday around here be without a rousing 

Let’s Go Mets!  & J!-E!-T!-S!  JETS! JETS! JETS!



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