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Tossed Salad Friday!

~~~The newest definition of hell: Sitting in a closing room with four people who hate each other with a passion, and are sure the others are trying to pull a fast one.  They are beneficiaries of an estate, who each received $100,000+ from the sale of a home none of them sunk a nickel into or ever lived in.  Their aunt died, and childhood agendas, wrongs, and jealousies reared their ugly heads as these four needed to sign closing documents.  They could have pre-signed, they could have given Powers of Attorney, or they could have waited in the lobby, but then where would the opportunity arise for one more sneer, or twist of the knife, or behind the back mocking?  I was in hell, pure and simple, and I hope these immature beneficiaries (all over 40 years old) spend a bit of their windfalls on therapy.

~~~The September issue of Boating Times Long Island is online.  Please enjoy:  www.boatingtimesli.com .

~~~My friend Hela admonished me after I apologized for “complaining so much” about the current turmoil in my life.  “Nonsense,” she said, “you’re not complaining, just stating facts.  Complaining is when you could do something but you don’t--you just talk about it instead.”  I like her philosophy!

~~~Pardon me if you’re one of those people who think it is “interesting” or “sounds like fun” to be caught in a hurricane, as I heard over and over yesterday. Tell that to Gulf Coast residents or others who watch Mother Nature’s fury destroy lives and property.

~~~Did I ever tell you about the closing I had that was canceled because of a hurricane in 1985?  I just did an archive check and it appears that did write about the incident in 2007.  Here’s the heart of what I wrote then:

The worst weather incident I ever experienced was the cancellation of a closing scheduled for the midst of Hurricane Gloria.  Luckily I didn’t cancel--the lender’s office was rightfully closed--but I still remember the grief I took from another associate in the firm where I was then working.  She did not practice real estate and referred her friends to me for their transaction.  I called the clients and explained the situation, and of course they understood.  But my colleague, their friend, had my home number and called me within minutes to ask me where I “got off” disrupting everyone’s plans!  She berated me, saying I could have tried to find a driver if I was so worried about the weather and I should have tried harder to get the bank’s attorney to maybe close immediately so we could all get out of there “before the storm gets too bad.”  She informed me quite haughtily that she had a reputation in her social circle to maintain and “didn’t want it to get around that she made an unreliable referral!”


When I informed Ms. Hot Head Who Can’t Read a Weather Map that I did not cancel, but the lender did, and I would not have jeopardized my safety as well as all the other parties to venture out “during a friggin’ hurricane” for $700 and/or her personal reputation, she backed down quickly and happily said, “Oh, so we have the bank to blame, right?”

~~~Based on a lot of e-mail inquiries about my mental or physical health during my hiatus, I think I was missed just a bit.  If you wrote, or if you just kept reading my re-runs, thanks!

Have a great weekend-- happy birthday Ellen-- and please, Mets, let's make this September one to remember!


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Sep. 4th, 2010 03:22 am (UTC)
Welcome back!
Hope your brain enjoyed the vacation. I look forward to this blog every day. Thanks for sharing.
Sep. 5th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
Re: Welcome back!
Thanks so much. My brain was still over-taxed, but it definitely appreciated one less daily deadline for a while.

Enjoy the weekend!
Sep. 7th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
Hurricane closings
In my earlier days, I had a closing in which the seller was an American living in Jamaica. We sent him closing docs by overnight delivery, and then heard nothing for several days.

The pressure from the sub-prime lender was unrelenting. Acting as counsel for the lender and being the only attorney involved (which is common in our market), I was tasked with making sure the closing happened on schedule come hell or high water. When I finally tracked him down, he and his family were fleeing from a hurricane that was bearing down on his island home.

Apparently to find a notary, he was going to have to travel to the American embassy at the other end of the island. I urged caution and wished him safe travels, but was not in a position to advise him on the consequences of delay. Amazingly enough, the completed paperwork appeared in my office two days later. I can only imagine the chaos he must have dealt with to get to the embassy, and then the astonishment of the embassy officials when this poor soul trudged in during a hurricane to have the papers signed for some stupid closing.
Sep. 8th, 2010 11:12 am (UTC)
Re: Hurricane closings
And I shudder to think the further lengths he might have gone to if he'd arrived at the embassy only to find the notary had fled the storm!

Thanks for sharing.
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