LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Changes

10. Social Security will be bankrupt in 35 years.

9. The military is desperate for bodies. A draft is looming.

8. Americans are in so much debt that their collective savings are less than zero.

9. Why save when your government doesn't? The federal debt is $8.5 trillion and growing by the second.

8. The minimum wage is $5.15. Opposition to any raise since 1997 is funded by mega-profitable corporations.

7. Since 2001, 6 million more Americans are uninsured. Those that are still insured are paying 84% more.

8. More than a million Americans per year have fallen below the poverty line since 2001.

7. FEMA. And all the other government agencies that are so full of cronies that clean air, clean food, safe bridges, global warming, open spaces and other basic concerns are rarely considered.

6. U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is 86.

5. Donald Rumsfeld is not doing a "heckuva" job.

4. Average family income fell $1,300 per year since 2001.

3. The "No Child Left Behind" mandates will receive $55 billion less federal funding next year. That has to mean state and local taxes will go up.

4. College is harder to afford since 2001, as the administration has frozen or cut the maximum Pell grant four times. $12 billion in student aid has been cut, and interest rates on student loans have risen nearly 2%.

3. No one makes any attempts to check or balance Dick Cheney.

2. Almost 3,000 soldiers have died in Iraq, and approximately 50,000 civilians have been killed. The injuries to the survivors are staggering.

1. Remember Viet Nam?
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