LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

What’s The Name Of Your Game?

The practice of law has a lot of gamesmanship in it.  Though I’m not a fan, I do know the game inside and out.  So when an attorney tried to intimidate me into backing off a very reasonable request made by my clients, I wouldn’t budge.  And when he threatened to blow the deal up, I didn’t panic.

Instead, I called the RE agent and cautioned her that some self-absorbed blowhard wanted to nix a deal she’d worked on for weeks.  And she, determined not to lose a $15,000 commission and maybe the listing (which was expiring soon), paid a visit to the sellers and explained how what my clients wanted was really reasonable, and how their attorney was the only thing keeping them from being in Florida before Thanksgiving.

Request granted, game won…but the series is far from over.  The sellers’ attorney will give me a hard time through November, I’m sure. 


I had the honor to be a guest blogger on a vegan site, helping boaters choose dock & dine restaurants that won’t leave them feeling hungry.

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