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Wandering Around The Web

A very loyal blog reader who is also on my private “alert” list for Huffington Post contributions recently complained that she “feels cheated” when she has already read my HuffPo piece and finds the link is the only entry on this blog the next day.  So at least for this week, I don’t want this very nice woman to feel cheated. I’ll start with my latest Huffington Post, and then throw in a few more things that I found interesting or amusing.

A recent closing of a very small local business has been bothering me a lot, as I think it is part of the overall decline of our suburban region.  I discussed one of many reasons it may have failed in the Huffington Post:

[Yes, the people who e-mailed me to guess the last line was slightly sarcastic were correct, but overall, suburbia is about a certain consumer landscape, whether or not I embrace that level of materialism.]

This is an informative article about why many mortgage applications are denied:

As a writer, and editor, and a parent of a college student, the mindset of the students in this NY Times’ article disturbed me.  Why would I linger for minutes or sometimes hours over the choice and order of a few words, when anyone with internet access can make my work product a part of his text?

Maybe this will make your day--it made mine, and I don’t even eat ice cream.  The man sells a “Bea Arthur!’

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