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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~Caller:  “Hi, is that you or are you a recording?” I was semi-tempted to say “beeeeeeeeep” and take a message for myself, since this person didn’t sound all that scintillating a conversationalist.  I didn’t… and I was right.

~~~I was part of a panel at the Bar Association yesterday on “FAQs in Real Estate.”  My assigned topic was on the phrase “as is” in contracts, and I was able to talk for almost 25 minutes on the meanings and modifications of those two words. I always say that my only real talents are talking and writing, and I sure proved how long I could talk about four--count ‘em--four letters.

~~~I really, really want to see this… I know I can’t afford to see this…

~~~July’s almost over, and once again, the joys of this month have escaped me.  I know that I will never return to the pure bliss of the first school-free month, but there used to be at least long weekends to savor and escape from overwhelming obligations.  That’s vanished, as I have worked through almost every waking minute of every July weekend.

~~~However, I did get out last Sunday evening to see a film with friends and family. If you get the chance, I’d urge you to see "Jews and Baseball." It was an excellent examination of the history of Jews in the MLB, and explored the intertwining of antisemistism, integration, and unionization...and it was funny, too!  http://jewsandbaseball.com/

~~~I was able to catch the last inning of the Mets’ game yesterday afternoon. Lord, I love knuckleballers when they pitch for my team!  Someone in the twitterverse commented that “RA Dickey should wear a cape,” and I agree!

Have a great weekend.  And of course:  LETS GO METS!



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