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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~As I was making breakfast, I heard a potluck dinner “menu” described on NPR that (almost) made me lose my appetite.  Seems one group that gets together requires each participant to bring a can of soup and a can of soda (no predetermined flavors--just bring what you want).  ALL the cans of soup are combined to be slurped, and ALL the cans of soda are combined to be sipped.  Eeee-yuck.

~~~I met with a client Wednesday night, who needed to bring me a downpayment check on Thursday.  Since I had to be at the Bar Association most of the afternoon, I thought that might be geographically easier for her than returning to my office.  She decided to come to my office in the evening, but sent me a note first thing in the morning that made me smile:  “Have a fun day at the bar!”  Hmmmm…

~~~A friend wrote me that she was happy to read in my HuffPo piece that the RE market was surging.  I replied: “It’s a crappy surge, but a surge nevertheless.  I can't decide if we're heading for more heartache, or if we might just bypass the rebound plunge.”

~~~My conscience is pestering me to do something ambiguously nice/insulting.  Under the terms of a contract prepared by counsel for the other side, my client was given a credit not required in the type of sale that was taking place in this transaction.  We closed, the credit was taken, and my client has moved in. Now that the deal is concluded, I want to send this attorney a note that says “When next representing sellers, you should familiarize yourself with the exceptions to the _________ law.”  But that might sound like I’m saying “Ha! Ha! I pulled one over on you!” or “I’m a lot smarter than you!”  So I am alternating between warn her so she doesn’t screw up again and keep your mouth shut because it can’t end well. I am at an etiquette-ethical impasse.

~~~I have my final closing today for transactions that qualify for the homebuyers’ tax credit.  The deal was supposed to close by June 30th, so the buyers (not my clients) are damn lucky the time frame was extended.  I’m gathering their lender was reluctant to commit to a mortgage, which is so commonplace these days.  Of course, I had to start default proceedings as my client was understandably mad, since he never figured on paying his July 1 taxes.

~~~This was the talk at the Bar Association yesterday:  http://www.newsday.com/business/suffolk-tops-state-list-for-rate-of-homes-in-foreclosure-process-1.2105772  I wrote about this a while ago, so my county topping the list isn’t news.  What is newsworthy is that the foreclosures are not abating, which is why it is taking well over two years for a foreclosure to wind its way through the courts.  That’s a great deal for defaulting borrowers:  two + years of paying no mortgage, taxes, or insurance.  What am I doing wrong?

~~~Funniest line by Seth Myers at the ESPYS was, to me, why his home town should have expected to be LeBron James’d:  leave is a part of Cleveland.  Why didn’t they change their name ahead of time to “C-Stay-Land,” he wondered?

Have a great weekend!  Let’s Go Mets!



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