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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~Yes, I watched the dog & pony “decision” show.  I saw a very talented 25 year old egomaniac who opted out of seizing opportunity and conquering challenges.  I saw someone who chose to be part of a pack rather than be a leader.  I also saw, once again, how much time I waste on millionaires who hold the power to delight or infuriate me.  I really need to reshift my focus and take back my own power.  I’m definitely going to make an effort, right after the baseball season…

~~~To the list of phrases that are ironclad, never fail, sure to make steam come out of my ears and anatomically incorrect anatomical combos suggested by my mouth (like calling me “honey” or “dear,” or remarking how something I did is impressive “for a woman”) add:  “I’m so bored.”  I am either always overwhelmed or rarely asleep, but I am never bored.  And if I was, I’d find something to do…there’s not enough time in most lifespans to learn everything or laugh about something.  So if you’re a teenager or a person living in luxurious circumstance contemplating telling me you’re bored, beware of what I suggest you do…and how you accomplish same.

~~~Can everyone in the world make a pact to respond to a detailed voice mail with the same amount of detail? Three times this week I left specific messages asking for information, verification, or itemization.  And each time the return message on my voice mail was a variation of “Hi, this is so & so.  I returned your call.”  So instead of me setting up a closing or emailing out a contract, what do I do?  I wait for you to return the voice mail I left again.  Let’s just all agree to be verbose when we return a long-winded call, OK?

~~~While I’m lobbying for pacts, how about everyone agreeing not to say “Tag. You’re it!” when two or more voice mails are traded back and forth.

~~~Remember when I said I’m not sure where things are headed, even though I’m busier than I’ve been in more than two years?  I’m seeing that the majority of sellers who can strike deals have scads of equity in their homes, and can afford, as one homeowner said to me yesterday, to “take a bath.” Prices are still tumbling in my area, and those sellers stuck on a number they need--or want-- are not attracting buyers.  Overall, real estate activity is a good thing… but dropping prices combined with stuck owners unable to pay or sell doesn’t bode particularly well for the rest of this year and maybe next.  What I need to sense is some stability before I start feeling any confidence in projecting the market.

~~~To the thoughtful reader who suggested my blog would benefit from a subscription option:  I searched high & low and couldn’t find a way to activate same.  So I contacted the host’s support, and was advised thusly:  LiveJournal currently doesn't offer a service for people to subscribe to your blog by e-mail.

~~~Have a great weekend!  (For no particular reason) Go Netherlands!  Let’s Go Mets!


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Jul. 9th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
The reason your return voice mails are so devoid of content is probably that the other party didn't bother to listen to the message. I have a client who never listens to messages, so I eventually stopped leaving them. He simply sees that I have called on his caller ID and calls back. If I need detailed info, I leave a list with my assistant. That way she can collect it in case I am not available when the call is eventually returned.

I was told early on that a big part of the practice of law was managing client expectations. Well, I seem to be managing my own more than anything else these days.

FYI, to preview my comments I had to type in "matronly appropriations". It feels like that ought to mean something, but I'm not quite sure what.
Jul. 9th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
Wow--BP informercials & "matronly appropriations!" Whatever is livejournal thinking--and what should I be thinking about my association here?

Your point is excellent. I recall a client who would call me back within seconds of me leaving a detailed message, merely because he saw my name. I did get in the habit of saying nothing more than my name & # with him, and I should do so with more people.

Now, if everyone would use email, I could leave the details there. But 25% of my clients and about 40% of the firms/lawyers I am currently dealing with don't utilize email.

Enjoy your weekend!
Jul. 10th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
I agree. My brother, age 58, is retired on a 100K+ pension. Twice a week he calls and says "Wanna have lunch? I'm bored." I have a goal to meet every day and brownbag it, so I barely have time to talk to him on the phone.

He should take a course or listen to an opera or pick up garbage at the park, but he shouldn't ask me to take time off from my ,$90K job and entertain him.

And don't get me started on teenagers this summer! Mine couldn't find jobs but they can't find the lawnmower or the washing machine either.
Jul. 11th, 2010 02:39 am (UTC)
Your reply made me laugh!

Glad you could relate to the "bored" remark. There's a woman I know who now asks if she can "drop by" my office to "chat" for awhile--the reason she asks is I was really not that welcoming when she showed up to "pass some time" with me, saying she had nothing to do. The ringing phones and the belching fax machine apparently meant I had all the time in the world to hold a coffee klatch!
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