LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Actually, It Is Hot Enough For Me

I love hot weather!  I’ll take a 100 degree day over one that is 23 degrees any day.  But as intolerant as I am of the cold, I know others feel the same way about the heat. Thus, my sympathy was extended to the client who sent me this email after a particularly blistering week one recent summer:

Hi, is it hot enough for you?  It is way too hot and muggy for us.  Within 16 minutes of us moving into our new house, the A/C stopped working. It was totally working when we did the walk though, but as it is going to cost us $2,975 to repair it (and the first available appointment is early next week), can you try and get the sellers to pay for some of the bill? We can’t eat or sleep because we are very hot, our dog and bird are very uncomfortable, and we are also very angry (not at you!). You may tell us it is not the sellers’ fault but we need to find out.

Fortuitously, the sellers’ son was the owner of an HVAC company.  He came over the same night they were notified, and did the repair for about half the quoted price, so it was just like the parties split the bill.   I was happy for my clients, but happier still for the dog & the bird!
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