LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~~I’ve really had it with technology. I spent a nightmare of a working day scanning, attaching, emailing, faxing, and conference calling, all to save me travel time and postage.  If I went to one contract signing and dropped a bunch of stuff at the post office, I’d have accomplished a lot less and spent a few more bucks, but I may have had a chance to eat lunch, catch my breath, and collect my thoughts.  All of which might prolong my lifespan and achieve better brain function than the techno-hamster wheel I’m now caught up in.

~~~The answer is yes to those of you who’ve emailed me to ask “are you as busy as you sound lately?” I’m assessing and evaluating and looking for signs of true improvement, and I haven’t reached any real conclusions yet, but there has been a dramatic uptick in activity just since this past Monday (coming, of course, at the worst possible time, while I’m trying to juggle all the files that need to close by 6/30). 

~~~But even with an increase in activity, I’d have to see uber-improvement to even start digging myself out of the hole caused by losing more than 50% of my income for three+ years.  Every time I hear a “financial expert” recommend that everyone have six-nine months of income in savings in case of a financial setback, I snicker.  I used up all my savings and retirement planning to make up the deficits of 2007, 2008, 2009, and early 2010.  For which six month setback are these employed specialists/commentators planning for us to weather?  Haven’t they noticed  that the country has been in the midst of a prolonged economic downturn? 

~~~Thanks to all of you who sent me anniversary wishes.  I appreciate opening my inbox and finding someone’s best, rather than reading rage and vitriol (sometimes tempered with cunning and deviousness) all day long.

~~~Congratulations to Danielle & Adam on the birth of Logan!  That was even more excellent news in my inbox!

~~~Am I the only person who gagged a bit when I read that Sidney Dive! Dive! Dive! Crosby won the Mark Messier Leadership award?

Have a great weekend!  Go USA!  Let’s go Mets!
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