LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Another Milestone

The blog-iversary was so Monday.  Today I’m celebrating my wedding anniversary! It’s been 31 years, which is a mind-boggling number to me.  I’m glad he waited for me at the catering hall, despite my being very, very late.  The bridesmaid driving me was from upstate NY, and she got very lost on the way (I have zero sense of direction and was useless from the get-go in getting her back on track once she took the wrong exit).  This was in the days before GPS, in the midst of a giant gas crisis (one of my cousins didn’t attend the wedding so she’d have enough gas to get to work the next day) where people were apt to do you physical harm if you cut in front of them at a gas station, even if only to ask for directions.  No place else was open on Sunday morning and we just kept getting more and more lost until we finally found a cop who got us back on course.

I still get lost, yet am always happy to find my way home to the most wonderful man in the world (yes, way better than even Landon Donovan or Mark Messier).  You’re welcome to sing along on a musical greeting card to my spouse:

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