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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~Mother’s Day is Sunday, and I wanted to compose an ode to my mom, who passed away many years ago, but is still mourned each and every day.  Then I realized that I had composed something for the magazine a few years ago that captures a small part about how I felt about my mother:

 As we celebrate Mother’s day again this May, my thoughts turn to my mother. Mom was my safe harbor, the woman who protected me from every storm.  Boating was not a favorite pastime of hers, but helping her children sail through the ups and downs of life was definitely her passion.

Concepts that make for a great day of boating apply to the way my Mom taught and sheltered me before her untimely passing.  She ensured most days would be smooth sailing by offering safety and concern at every way point, especially through my childhood and teen years.  She oversaw my education, but even when she was convinced I knew enough to navigate on my own, she continued to urge me to exercise caution in order to be prepared for all of life’s sudden squalls and sea changes.

When I met the love of my life and told her how much he loved boating, she smiled and asked:  “Is he a good captain?”  Reassured that he was, she cautioned me to stay on the lookout anyway, because she thought it would always be easier for two to cross the waters if they both kept their hands on the wheel.

~~~An attorney involved with a transaction asked me yesterday if I was a mother. Though surprised, I answered, assuming he wanted to wish me a nice Mother’s Day.  He never said so! I have no choice but to conclude that I either have a forgetful adversary or one who is just really nosy.

~~~Apparently the copier in the Building Department of one of the towns is broken, as I’ve received two title reports this week that say “copies [of certificates] are unavailable due to equipment failure.”

~~~Do the people who are sending around the emails praising how undocumented people in North Korea are jailed and then wondering what’s so wrong with the Arizona “you look illegal” law really think we should be more like North Korea?  I emphatically vote no.

~~~And maybe, just maybe, those blowhards who always call sports radio to say “there’s only one LT” might start acknowledging that the one and only is in a Lotta Trouble.

~~~Have I mentioned the May issue of Boating Times Long Island is available online and at about 500 locations across Long island?  www.boatingtimesli.com

Have a good weekend!  Let’s go Mets!  Have a great Mother’s Day!



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