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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~Today is the last day to be in contract to start qualifying for the homebuyers’ tax credit (must close by 6/30 as well).  I’m just curious as to whether there will be many prospective buyers looking on Saturday, and if so, will they be pricing their offers to reflect the (up to) $8,000 they just left on the table?

~~~I have a friend who is pleased at Arizona’s attempt to stem illegal immigration, and I know she always starts from a good heart when she takes a stand.  But I am horrified, recalling that a few generations back, many of my ancestors were stopped, determined to be Jews, and carted away.  Plus, I have no papers on me to prove I am a US citizen:  do you?  But if you look Hispanic in AZ, you better be able to prove you’re here legally!  Since statistics bear out that neither an increase in crime nor a rise in unemployment in AZ is attributable to undocumented persons, where’s the real concern?  It can’t be a drain on social services, because there are thousands and thousands of citizens in AZ without healthcare coverage and/or without jobs who are overtaxing the hospital systems and social service providers. Yet the US Senators from the state opposed the health care and jobs bills.  So, I’m reaching the conclusion that there’s bigotry afoot.

~~~The reaction to my being robbed while paying a shiva call has been overwhelming.  People are flabbergasted and irate that this happened.  I’ve been having a really terrible week because of it, emotionally and, of course, financially.  But the compassion shown by others has been very much appreciated (yes, offers of money were made, though none were accepted).  My friend Wendy summed it up best when she read my words and wrote:  ARE YOU F’IN KIDDING ME???????????????????  WHO THE HELL WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT???????????????  Who, indeed, is a question for some creep who needs to do a lot of soul searching.

~~~Were you thinking I’ve been restrained about the Mets this week?  Then you didn’t see me dancing* around my office yesterday afternoon in a way I haven’t done since the Jets brightened my January.  I am truly a sports optimist:  Give me a win and I’m thinking streak.  Give me a streak and I’m thinking world domination! I’m ecstatic in April--I want to be euphoric in September, and elated in October!

~~~No need to write and burst my bubble, please.  The teams I root for are perfectly capable of disenchanting me all on their own, thank you very much. There’s zero to be gained by you climbing aboard.

~~~*Speaking of dancing, this video is so unabashadedly spectacular: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLAA4DTEO5U  I want ½ of their self-confidence and ¼ of their talent, and I’ll be happy!

Have a great weekend.  Let’s go Mets!



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