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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~The universe is a cold hearted bitch, if you ask me.  I did a really decent thing yesterday (if I say so myself) and the universe yelled Gotcha! at me in response.  I saw that the seller’s attorney in my transaction yesterday had made a $700+ error in my clients’ favor.  So I told my client that the contract required such matters to be corrected even if discovered later, and did they want me to broach the matter at the table, or wait & see?  They told me to do the right thing then and there, and so I called the attorney out of the room so as not to embarrass him in front of his client.  Thanks abounded and the closing went on.

Where’s the part about the universe biting me in the butt?  I’m getting to that:  somewhere between point A & B (not very far), I lost a substantial check.  I still had the deposit slip, but the check was AWOL.  I’ll remedy the problem, I strongly suspect, but know that I’ll be out the bucks for the other person’s “stop” fee.  I couldn’t even bask in the friggin’ glow of decentness for even one hour, without another chunk coming out of my checkbook.

~~~Why does anyone think telling lawyer jokes to a lawyer is in good taste, let alone funny?  Do I find you and tell jokes about your profession, just for my own amusement? 

~~~Thank goodness for friends!  When I was just about at the end of my very frayed rope yesterday, I thought I had no time to spend two hours with my knitting buddies.  But I made the time, and as the news of one knitter’s mother’s death and of another’s dog’s passing was shared, I started seeing the bigger picture.  Discussions about a spouse’s under-compensation, a child’s uber-brattiness, an arrogant school budget, and yarn through my fingers all combined to let me see how insignificant my troubles truly are.

~~~Nice start to the draft, Jets!  And Devil’s fans, you can join the Rangers’ fans in our Flyer-despising.

~~~I have lots more to rant & rave about, but I am so far behind from yesterday’s events (I also drove through two distinct thunderstorms on my way back from the closing) that I need to focus elsewhere.  Maybe I’ll share a double-dose of ramblings in next Friday’s “Tossed Salad” blog entry.

Have a great weekend!  Let’s go Mets!



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