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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~Clients of mine, having relocated while their home was listed for sale, let a neighbor’s son reside in the vacant home temporarily. The son and his girlfriend were basically house sitters, paying only $200 monthly.  Their presence gave my clients peace of mind that the house wouldn’t be trashed. But since we all know that the best plans often come back to bite us in the ass, these house sitters will neither leave nor compel their dog to pee and poop outside.

~~~A client advised me yesterday that she “hates talking to people.” There are days that I am 100% in agreement with that statement, and others where I plaintively beseech the universe to let someone--anyone--please call my office. 

~~~Historically, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America have actively and hurtfully discriminated against homosexuals, even as they tolerated and sometimes abetted pedophiles in their ranks. Both these institutions enjoy the lucrative perk of tax-exempt status, which should be removed as long as they promote discrimination and shield law-breakers.

~~~It’s no surprise that New York’s legislature has missed the April 1st budget deadline (it has been met only six times since 1975).  What is surprising is that the Governor didn’t keep the lawmakers in session until they tacked our fiscal crisis.  Never mind… the governor still collects a paycheck even if the budget is late, so what’s the incentive?  What happens if you miss a massive deadline at work on this magnitude?

~~~Yesterday was my first opportunity to listen to an afternoon Mets’ game on the radio in my office.  I am extremely productive during games--I wrote four articles in six innings--but am already questioning my devotion to this habit.  They are rarely productive when I play semi-hooky and listen:  their record is probably around 5-105. Yesterday was the rule, not the exception, as they got tattooed early and late.  

~~~I am teaching a seminar on “HOW TO BE A SELLER IN A BUYER'S MARKET” on Tuesday, April 6th at 7:00 P.M.  The fee for Smithtown residents is $15; call for non-resident rate.  Register in advance:  631-382-2090 or http://saearthurhouse.homestead.com/index.html

~~~I am so over Passover, yet it goes on and on and one.  The holiday doesn’t conclude until Tuesday at sundown, and by then I’ll be ready to waive my fee for a real estate closing should a client offer a crusty, fresh baguette in trade.

~~~ Have a blessed Easter.  Kalo Paska. Enjoy the sunshine.  Baseball begins Sunday night; the Evil Empire returns.  I will watch for just the same reason I’d scarf down stale bread Tuesday night--when you’re starving for sustenance, you’ll settle for scraps.



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