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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~ This blurb from a Huffington Post columnist made me burst out laughing:  I learned how to cook last year in order to eat healthier. I switched to a mostly organic, mostly low crab, diet and lost 40 pounds.    I know typos are commonplace, but this one was almost as amusing as the goof by a secretary at a TV station I worked at in the nascent days of cable television.  Jean was preparing a list of upcoming programs, and instead of using the word “how” in a show’s subject line, she mistakenly changed one letter before sending the list to local newspapers.  Not so coincidentally, each paper’s TV listings highlighted a TV6 how-to program on the topic of HOT TO PREPARE FOR YOUR WEDDING!

~~~ A prospective seller called me to ask me for my sense of the spring market, and whether I thought buyers would be plentiful.  I am certain I did not reassure her when I answered that we seem to be moving from a moribund market to an apathetic market.  But I think it is an improvement, when you see that potential buyers are changing from “no way” to “maybe.”

~~~ I have been seriously suffering these past few weeks from two physical problems that were unrelated except that both arose because of stress.  One is completely resolved and the other on the brink of relief, and I am grateful.  But the “cures” cost me many hundreds of dollars, leading me to ponder what people who are constantly stressed about money do when the inevitable anxiety ailments arise and they don’t have the funds to pay professionals to assist them?  If a co-pay outlay makes me trim my food buys even further for the week, I’m still in a better position than someone who has to completely choose between eating and recovering.  And that is a real shame for our entire country:  I’d like to see every “anti” elected official have to choose between health care and hunger before they could even discuss denial of coverage to all citizens.

~~~ Stress is a bitch.  I can’t afford to take a vacation, yet what I spent on curing my ailments would have bought my spouse and I a nice little three day getaway, and improved my outlook greatly.  Crap.

~~~ The topic of stress did lead me to sports. (What doesn’t, though?)  I don’t know how many more Rangers’ games I can take like the spanking they got from the Devils Wednesday night.  That performance was so stomach-turning that I find myself on the verge of not even watching the game tonight!

~~~Happy birthday, Dave Eggers!  I admire your writing above most others.

~~~ My nephew, Austin Smith, will be shaving his head in solidarity with kids battling cancer. What's more, he's raising money for research. If you can help, please check out the link and contribute to "shavee" Austin. www.stbaldricks.org

~~~ My son will be on the radio Noon-2 PM Saturday.  www.buffalostate.edu/wbny/webradio/

~~~For those readers keeping score at home, I still haven’t found a new cause to get me riled up.  I think my usual trigger points of health care for all, fiscal responsibility, political transparency, and social responsibility towards all creatures are enough for now.  But suggestions are still welcome.

Have a great weekend!



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