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Tossed Salad Friday

~~~ I received a bunch of private e-mails regarding what cause I should adopt to get my advocacy juices flowing (comments are always welcome here as well).  Here’s the (edited) list and my reactions:

  • Volunteer for Andrew Cuomo (already on my list, so good one)
  • Volunteer for Kirsten Gillibrand (slightly better idea than the people who wanted me to support candidates that are diametrically opposed to almost everything I stand for)
  • Run for office (sorry, too thin-skinned)
  • Volunteer at a nursing home (great thought, just not in the ballpark)
  • Buy a franchise (I’m still shaking my head over this one, as well as the one who thought I should take up pottery or sewing).


~~~ I think I have to wait until I am genuinely, organically riled up about something before I start spouting off.  But I am definitely on the clock in terms of needing a new cause.

~~~I got two calls this week from would-be buyers that couldn’t even get “pre-qualified” for mortgages.  Since I believe at least one of my dogs could get an internet pre-qual letter, I wonder if already penurious lenders have become more parsimonious, or are finally acting prudently.

~~~After I wrote last week how a correspondent said Olympic hockey made her understand my love of the sport, others responded that they don’t “get” hockey.  I asked each one of them if they had ever been to a game in person, and none of them had been.  You can’t learn to love hockey on TV, in my opinion.  You need to sit in an arena (higher level seats are best to start) and  watch the skill and finesse of talented athletes who need to skate up and down the ice, playing a sort of chess game in padding and helmets.  You need to see how the players line up …here…. when the puck is over….there… to appreciate the strategies.  It is almost indescribable the way your heart and your lungs seize up for the teensiest of moments as the certainty of a goal becomes apparent, and the way the same clang of a puck off a post can either cheer you (the opponent blew its chance to score) or distress you (crap--your team missed a golden opportunity).  All spectator sports are enhanced, in my opinion, by the shared experience of being in a cheering crowd.  But among all sports, I recommend learning to enjoy the mostly non-stop bulky grace of hockey in person. 

~~~Genuine question:  why would running for re-election be a distraction, but answering ethical questions and being the subject of inquiries and conjecture allow you plenty of time to govern NYS effectively?

~~~David Paterson always claimed to be a Mets fan.  Yet it may be (allegedly) lying about Yanks’ tix that takes him down.  Sorry, but as a real Mets’ fan, I am faintly amused that the governor might get tossed for being a deceitful front-runner.

~~~ I’ll be at the Long Island Boat Show this weekend at the Nassau Coliseum. www.nyboatshows.com/Nassau

~~~ I’m teaching a course 7:00 PM Monday in Smithown on “What To Know before Buying A House.”  Details:  Call 631-382-2090 for registration & non-resident rate (residents pay $15).  http://saearthurhouse.homestead.com/index.html

Have a great weekend!




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Mar. 9th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
You capture the beauty of hockey very well. It is a terrific sport, best viewed live. I am glad so many people watched the Olympics, but you should all get to a rink or arena ASAP!
Mar. 9th, 2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
Get thee to a hockey game should be an NHL slogan!
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