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Tossed Salad Friday

 ~~~ I’ll bet you haven’t met a housing hypocrite worse than the real estate appraiser whose quotes I came across while trawling the web for housing news.   He claims “there was never a 'housing boom", instead maintaining what we had before the crash was “a credit boom with a housing boom symptom. Or mortgage boom. Borrowing boom. Or clueless-to-risk boom.”  Mr. Appraiser, I’ve got to know:  when you personally affixed appreciably higher values to houses in July of 2007 than you had in December of 2006, did you do so to on behalf of the “clueless-to-risk,” or were you escalating prices all on your own?


~~~My son is on the radio Saturdays from Noon- 2PM.  You can listen here:  www.buffalostate.edu/wbny/webradio/


~~~ Have you noticed how many online mentions of the Dalai Lama refer to him as the “Dalia” Lama?  Can’t a holy man get his name spelled correctly?


~~~ Where is this “away” that so many friends and colleagues seem to have gone, or are planning on going?  And why can’t I go “away” as well?


~~~I saw “Mazel Tov Cocktail” last Sunday.  I won tickets in a contest and I have to tell you, I’d have happily paid to see this off-Broadway one-woman, one act play.  It closes this weekend, but if you can snag a ticket, have fun--Jamie M. Fox is a talented actress.  www.MazelTovCocktailThePlay.com


~~~The Olympics are fantastic!  I love the hockey and enjoy skating of all speeds and configurations.   I am fascinated/bewildered by curling, and I actually understood what makes a good halfpipe competitor by the time Shaun White earned the gold.  I’m not a fan of the luge or cross-country skiing, and who came up with the biathalon combo?  Feature a gun in a sport and I am changing the channel.

~~~Suddenly, everyone of both sexes wants "Olympic butts" and "Olympic glutes."  Six-eight hours of training a day is all it takes.


~~~Tiger Woods, come out of the dark and into the light!  When you’re an almost billion dollar pitchman who endorses cars etc. that the public should buy based on your wholesome family image, we don’t need a phony “press conference” where you admit you shamed, embarrassed, humiliated and pissed off your wife.  If you want the privilege of earning one more dime as a role model, take questions from journalists about how you pulled off the fraud.  If you don’t want to sell anything other than golf, apologize in private to Elin and get yourself back on the golf course, where your play will do all the talking.  The public isn’t hurt, we’re just feeling ripped off.


~~~Hi Tracy--Bye, Nate.


~~~Can I be the only one who grimaces each time I hear the ad for Roman Polanski’s new film on the radio?  Last line:  “May be unsuitable for children under 13.”  Art does imitate life.


Have a wonderful weekend!  I am having dinner tomorrow with long time friends, and before and after, want to watch lots more of the Olympics!




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