LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

That Sound You Hear

That sound you hear is me, hitting my head against the wall.  Two lowlights of my day yesterday:

A prospective client called to see if “knew where interest rates were headed.”  When I sadly informed him that I had no crystal ball but had a fairly educated guess that the direction was upwards, he said “that’s what all you people say” before bidding me a hasty goodbye.  I’ve since been wondering what people I was lumped together with in his mind.

I tried to set up a paid consultation fee with a caller (see last week), as it sounded like there was a whole lot of paperwork to read through before advice could be offered.  The response was:  “I didn’t expect to have to pay just to have you read my lease and tell me if my landlord can sue me.”

However, the NY Boat Show is underway and the newest issue of Boating Times Long Island is being offered there first before it hits the website and then distribution points all over LI.  It is always fun to look at boats in the winter!

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