LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

A Prophet for Profit

The other day, I had occasion to chat with a new-ish real estate agent (started in October).  Laid off from his previous two jobs, he went to an education session where he learned that real estate sales offered him an opportunity to be compensated commensurate with his efforts.

Any listings yet?  Nope.


Is he working with any really interested and well-funded buyers? Nope. Couple of leads but they can’t get mortgages.


So what’s he doing all day, every day? Making cold calls and visiting online gambling sites just for fun.


What does he see on the horizon in the areas he covers? Lot of unhappy people and/or unemployed people.


When does he expect the market to pick up?  My manager says ‘real soon’. I need to make some serious money, so I trust her when she says we’ll all be earning up to our potential in a few months. If I work hard even in this lousy market, I’ll make decent money, she told us; that’s why I can see that it will be turning around by April at the latest.

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