LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Friday Tossed Salad

~~~I got an e-mail from the attorney representing the seller in a transaction which stated: Re the termite exam, the time to request runs from the date of receipt.  I won't hold you to strict compliance but don't dawdle.

“Don’t dawdle”--does anyone say that to someone over four years old?  And does it ever apply in a professional communication?

~~~January is traditionally a slow month for real estate transactions.  This month, however, is moribund. I am highly apprehensive about our economy’s short-term future, and I am quite nervous about mine as well.

~~~ Would you be so kind as to cast a vote for Boating Times Long Island as a small business you love?  Your vote is appreciated.

~~~ No one I know bought much of anything in December, yet for almost two weeks I heard retail sales were “strong.”  Really?  The Commerce Department says sales fell .3%, which near as I can figure is not encouraging.

~~~ I got an e-mail from a real estate agent urging me to show my clients how it was beneficial for them to buy now instead of waiting for an “inevitable” drop in values of another 10%.  His reasoning was that the “expected” rise in interest rates plus the loss of the tax credit meant [once again] “this is the best time to buy!”  I never liked Koolaid before and I won’t start drinking it now.

~~~ Have a great weekend!  Let’s keep the chant (and the season) going:


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