LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Resolution Keeping, Made Easy

I am not big on New Years’ resolutions, because they seem artificial and less than achievable in a bitter-cold month that destroys my incentives to get up & go.  But nevertheless, as I reflect on some of the goals I set for myself in the last decade, I see how easy they were to attain under my present circumstances.  I’ve set out some examples with the proviso that I hope you do not seek to duplicate my circumstances, just to achieve similar goals.

Not gaining weight is a snap when you sometimes need to delay shopping for food.

Not becoming too materialistic is effortless when you have no money to spend.

Not charging more than I’m able to pay off when the bill comes in is unproblematic when you don’t buy anything at all.

Being more green couldn’t be simpler when you squeeze every last drip, drop, dab and dollop out of everything, avoid turning on the lights whenever you can, and have nowhere to drive.

There’s quite a lot more, but I don't want to whine to sympathetic readers, nor do I want to feed the needs of those who enjoy the melancholy of others.  So I’ll wish you all a scarcity of resolutions to make, with an abundance of dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals achieved in 2010.  I thank you for reading my blog, and I appreciate that you’ve helped me make a positive pledge come true:  write more!

Happy New Year! 

Let’s go J!-E!-T!-S!


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