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This & That & Then Some More

~~~Way back in 2006 when I yelled “Hey!  The wheels are coming off the real estate bus!” a lot of doubters rolled their eyes and turned away.  Now, while many are eating the pabulum that is “economic recovery”, I am trying to cause indigestion by warning that the spare tires are under-inflated and barely secured to the rim.  I have been telling anyone who will listen that most of the mortgage workouts I am seeing take place are with bottom-feeding investors who arrange for FHA backed loans to make a bundle before they immediately drop the burden back on the US tax payer.

~~~Think the tax payer can’t get stuck again?  www.nytimes.com/2009/12/17/business/17wards.html?_r=1&ref=business

~~~Step away from that credit card!  You don’t want to be spending the next two-five years paying off that “must-have” item on your holiday gift list, do you?

~~~Keith Olbermann received a standing ovation from me Wednesday night.  I am fed up with a health plan that makes no one happy but insurance and pharmaceutical companies, though I have some hope the House & Senate can cobble together a semi-real plan IF it gets to that point.    

~~The Rangers are making me crazy.  It is not pretty to be in my vicinity lately as I watch the most anemic displays of offense play out in front of me (last night was a turning point, not an aberration, I hope).  I believe my canines have learned some nasty new compound words lately:  I am grateful they cannot repeat them.

~~I rooted my heart out for Peyton Manning last night.  A week from Sunday I hope he sits on his butt (on or off the field) most of the game.  Aren’t sports fans charmingly crazy?

~~A few readers privately e-mail me to say they liked the repeats from old blogs, as they just started reading this year or last, and have never gone back as far as 2006.  Considering the lack of active files in my office right now, I may very well resort to some more reruns if nothing new happens between blogs.

~~ You never know when an act of kindness will come your way.  I was the lucky recipient of a gift from an author whose work I have long admired, after I sent her a heartfelt e-mail of appreciation for her writing. She sent me a pre-publication copy of her new book so that I may enjoy her exquisite words and wonderful characters months before the rest of the public.  What a treat, and what a wonderful ray of sunshine in a year that has been way less than spectacular.

Enjoy your weekend!  Please don’t shop & charge, but if you’ve got extra cash, please do make a local retailer happy.


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Dec. 18th, 2009 02:33 pm (UTC)
Happy, happy, happy
I started reading mid-2008 so "reruns" are appreciated, actually. Your archives are very full and I never get a chance to go back.

I still don't know if I agree with Keith O or not. Politically, we need to show a health care bill of any significance can be passed, but morally, women and the truly sick are being tossed aside for more profits for insurance companies (and I guess more campaign money to Joe Lieberman).

I saved $150 and had seven people on my holiday list. I divided the money up, bought seven $20 dollar gift certificates from each person's favorite kind of store, and put the $10 back in my savings account. I am determined to never have a mini-heart attack again in January when the holiday bills arrive. Been there, done that.

As I recall, you don't like the cold. But I am looking forward to this weekend's SNOW!
Dec. 18th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy, happy, happy
Nope, not a fan of cold and definitely snow-phobic. But I am happy for you and pleased you shared your great budget success with me.

Best wishes!
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