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Shaking My Head

All day yesterday, things annoyed me.  In no particular order, here’s what comes to mind:

  • Why does a title company repeatedly need to send me a fax cover sheet, plus a cover letter, plus a page from its report that references parties & property address?  Do I need three sheets of paper wasted every time it wants to send one item?
  • What’s with an attorney leaving voice mail referencing himself as “Attorney” So & So?
  • Why can’t a title company employee (yes, same one) figure out which is my fax number and which is my phone number?  S/he left 14 attempted faxes on my voicemail in the 20 minutes or so I spent eating lunch. 
  • My voice mail system stinks (thanks, Cablevision), so to erase each of those 14 screw-ups (thanks, title company dunce) I have to go through:  “You are listening to your messages.  You have 14 new messages.  First message is from 212-XXX-XXXX.  Message is as follows:  [fax tone].  You can’t hit “7” to delete until the fax tones message starts.  And so I had to listen to the same annoying phone number and the start of the fax tones message 14 times to clear my voicemail!  That took over five minutes and made me thoroughly enraged.
  • My computer anti-virus software stinks (thanks Computer Associates via Cablevision).  Rather than having just a “junk” e-mail category with an “empty all junk mail” function, I now have a “CA Anti-Span” folder that gathers lots of wanted mail along with lots of spam.  I understand its zeal to protect me from suspicious senders such as the Small Business Association, but I am infuriated by how many steps it requires to get the spam out.  I need to open the folder, hit cancel, then highlight again and hit delete.  To clean it from my deleted folder (otherwise it stays highlighted as “pending”, which distracts me) I need to highlight it once more, hit delete, and then answer “yes” when it asks me if I am sure I want to delete the spam!
  • I am dealing with an attorney who wants me to just hold four weekdays open for him to figure out a closing date and time.  I agree to pencil in a few proposed times but can’t keep two Fridays and two Mondays in November completely open for him!  He accuses me of being inflexible and tells the real estate agent how uncooperative I am.  Then late last night he sent me an e-mail saying he “knows it’s an imposition, but can you also hold at least one Tuesday in early November until [his client] and the closing attorney are ready?”

I could go on, but you’ve probably got important things to do and I need to deal with today’s annoyances!



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