LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

A New Breed

There’s a category of real estate agents I’ve encountered lately who have made me crazy.  I admire and like lots of agents, and enjoy working with most.  But this cluster of “I’m in charge” agents has really tried my patience.

There’s the one who believes that if she pesters me frequently (like a bill collector) I will rush to my clients’ home and force them to move out early, just because the buyers “want to be settled already.”

And the one who is instructing the buyer on what to provide her, the agent, so she can “clear the title?”  When I shared that with the seller’s attorney, he told me what a relief it was that now he had someone else doing his job.  “Maybe I can finally take a vacation,” he laughingly said.

A third annoying agent tried to interview me about my credentials, as she “didn’t want any snafus.” Forget that my credentials are solid:  who is she to decide if I may properly represent my clients?  When I called them (this is our third deal together) to ask if they’d requested the agent’s help in determining whether I was capable of handling their file, the response was “hell, no!”

It is not easy being an agent, as the hours are long and the likelihood of success not always great.  But I’ll be darned if I am going to be prodded, supplanted, or vetted by someone whose main educational requirement to join the real estate industry is 45 hours of classroom instruction!


On that haughty note, I think I’ll go eat some (vegan) humble pie and enjoy the weekend.  Please enjoy your weekend as well!


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