LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

The FAX Of Life

There are days (OK, weeks and months) where the little things just gnaw at me.  Here’s my aggravation d’jour: an attorney without a fax machine!

More than a decade ago, I was irritated by an attorney without a fax, who said he “didn’t believe in them.”  It took all my social graces to refrain from asking him how he could equate a piece of equipment with Tinkerbell or Santa Claus, and I had to mail him every piece of correspondence that arises in a real estate deal.  A two-minute transmission was at least a two-day trek, and the transaction took longer to close than it would have if this prehistoric attorney had faith in the power of telephone-to-paper transmissions.

Here we go again.  I’m dealing with a seller’s attorney sans fax.  He at least has e-mail, but eschews facsimile use because it isn’t “easy.” There are few things in my office easier than removing the staple from a lengthy contract, placing all the pages in the fax machine, entering the number and hitting send.  Instead, he needs me to take his 13 page contract, scan in each page, open an e-mail, hit browse over and over and over again until the baker’s dozen pages are attached and then e-mail them to him.

Yes, readers, I know that there are worse ways to communicate that scanning and attaching, but sheesh!  Get a fax, buddy. 

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