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Credibility From The Closet

Having spent about 70% of the past two years writing about lawyering, and boating, and life, rather than actively practicing law (not my choice, mind you) I discovered that my wardrobe had seriously malfunctioned.

Being strapped for cash made me abandon my usual shopping habits of either A. watching the goods at Bloomies until the pieces I wanted went on serious sale and then snapping them up; or B. reacting to an occasion or event by racing in the door and grabbing the first suit that fit me in a color I didn’t already own.  I repeatedly wore the same outfits, making do with what I have, regardless of my past-dated looks or discomfort (chair sitting is not a calorie burner).  My efforts allowed me to successfully redirect my limited resources where needed, and pat myself on the back for being green.

But long-term frugal neglect of my attire has caused me to end up dressing down when I should be dressing emphatically.  I went to teach last evening on “How To Be A Seller In A Buyer’s Market” and I realized that I have a closet full of writer’s clothes, which in my case means “not being seen in public” clothes. Though clothes are superficial and should not indicate the size of the heart beneath the jacket or the considerable gray matter above the collar, we all know that plenty of people will look at the lawyer at the front of the room and ratchet down the authority aura if the attorney’s attire consists of jeans and an old-school NY Rangers’ tee shirt.

Luckily, 1980s dressing has returned.  Since a few of my consigned-to-the-back-of-the-closet suits still have colossal shoulder pads, I may be catapulted back into trendy dressing this season!



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