LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Are Things Improving In The Real Estate Market?

I get this question quite a bit, as you might imagine.  Here are just some random observations on a Monday morning:

  1. I need to re-order deposit slips for my escrow account.  That is more positive than negative.
  2. I’ve had a flurry of inquiries from buyers thinking about buying before the $8,000 tax credit comes to an end.  That’s definitely a positive trend.
  3. If buyers cannot find the right (i.e. affordable) deal before the credit expires, and if it is not extended, does the buying frisson halt in its tracks?  That’s a question mark.
  4. Mortgage woes continue:  sales people promise potential borrowers they’ll qualify, then string them along as lenders tighten and change programs and/or buyers’ credit ratings or continuing employment prospects dip.  Buyers are puzzled and sellers are frozen, so that’s a definite downer.
  5. The economic discussions I joined in or eavesdropped upon this weekend were all about job uncertainty.  A jobless recovery will mean a home buying stagnation.
How about those Jets?
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