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Little Bits

I had a disastrous closing yesterday that is stretching into today.  My emotions and brain cells are so jangled that I’m going to just jot down a few items to share in lieu of a rant about %$#$& lenders and ^%$%^# attorneys who don’t give a &^%*#+$ about others.  Thanks for bearing with me:

1.  I’m an “expert”!  Ron Roel, who possesses great knowledge in the area of real estate, gave me the honor of being labeled as such in his column for Newsday:  http://www.newsday.com/ask-an-expert-when-is-it-safe-to-house-hunt-1.1370761

2.  The September issue of Boating Times Long Island is on-line and at over 450 locations across the island.  www.boatingtimesli.com will take you to the latest issue.  I was lucky enough to get an interview with Amy Dickinson, the “Ask Amy” columnist and the author of a very good book, The Mighty Queens of Freeville.  She gave me her insight into how to deal with the rudeness of guests’ kids--you don’t have to be a boater to relate to such hair pulling episodes as this:  A boat owner, just looking to have a fun day at a raft-up, admitted she’d lost her cool by yelling sharply at a kid who'd “been on [her] last nerve for hours while Mom sunbathed”.  He’d been flushing the head repeatedly, opening and slamming hatches, pulling apart the gauze and cotton balls in the first aid kit, before his grand finale where he “threw three whole sandwiches over the side”.   Lounging Mom then interrupted her tanning session to screech at the frazzled boat owner bawling out her bad-mannered offspring:   "You have no right to talk to my kid like that, you bitch!"  Check out “The Kids Aren’t All Right” on page 10 for more horror stories plus Amy’s sage advice.

3. I’ve gotten quite a few private e-mails asking why I haven’t written about the Mets since they went into their death spiral.  I will write about them at length one day soon, since some readers want to share my pain, while others want me to express my anguish aloud so they can inwardly gloat about the apparently G-d given superiority of their cross-town ball club. In the meantime, with apologies to Casey Stengel, I’ll just ask:  “Can’t anyone here play this game without getting hurt? 

4.  I have never in my professional career been given a banana to eat during a closing.  I was given one yesterday by my very nice clients, and it was the only good thing about the five-plus hours I spent not closing on their deal.  I promised not to curse, but may write more (1) when the deal finally closes, and (2) my cerebral agony finally subsides.

5. Jeez, it is Labor Day already.  I thought July went too fast, but August was just a blur (and now a hazy memory).  Football and hockey* seasons are approaching, which is great, and baseball will mercifully end sooner than later, but other than that, I have zero to positively anticipate about fall or winter.

*Yes, I left out basketball--you’ll have to clue me in if the Knicks are worth watching, as the stomach turning baseball season I’ve experienced has left me without the inner fortitude to immerse myself in their season without some payback.  I’m not even asking for wins--good play will suffice.

6.  My son is doing OK at college so far.  He went to a Bills game last night, and will be attending Michigan University’s first game of the season on Saturday at the Big House (can you tell we’re related?).  Plus there were classes all week, I hear.

7.  Please have yourself a great holiday weekend! 





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