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I Merely Blinked, And There Went July!

Tomorrow’s August 1st, which is as unbelievable to type as it is to think about.  Every year, without exception, I yearn for the fall, winter and even the spring seasons to hurry by so that I can recharge my batteries and fulfill my R & R quota in the warm glow of the summer.

Yet ever since the summer after 10th grade when I got my first job, I haven’t had any actual time to luxuriate in a leisurely summer.  There were high school, college and law school summer jobs, then studying for the July Bar Exam, then looking for a “real” job.  Eventually I was also coordinating summer camps and pool parties and boat outings.  Additionally, the majority of suburban real estate closings commence the day after school ends in June and frantically finish just before the first day of school in September (every year when I’d buy a new calendar, I’d express delight if Labor Day took place on the 5th or 6th or 7th, as that gave me extra days to allay frantic clients’ fears that their kids' first day in a new school would be delayed).  Thus, from the last week of June through the Tuesday after Labor Day I rarely strung two days off together, and worked in an atmosphere of almost constant tension as September drew closer (and mortgage commitments or new surveys were dependably delayed).

In 2008 the closings were way, way off but Boating Times Long Island was an infant publication needing a lot of attention, so I never enjoyed the easy rythms of balmy summer days I craved.  Maybe next year went my delusional thinking, yet readers of this blog know that for me, 2009 has seen an elevated pace of real estate time wasting unequaled by anything in my almost three decades of practice:  there’s no time to breathe, yet almost nothing is accomplished.

So here I am again on the verge of August, shaking my head in wonder that another summer is almost gone.  Between all the delayed mortgage commitments and the busted deals waiting to be recreated, the family birthday parties smack in the middle of two precious weekend days, plus my son’s upstate college orientation, I earmarked three days in the month of August we can go boating (weather permitting) and zero days I can take off during the week.

My brain is totally operating in the glass-half-drunk mode as I write this blog entry.  Another summer’s almost gone, and I have let it pass me by without grabbing enough fun to brighten my mood or making enough memories to warm my winter doldrums.  Foolishly, just like the child of Brooklyn Dodger fans that I am, I’ll put away my flip-flops and tee shirts in about six weeks, and whimper wait until next year once again.


Have a great weekend!  Let’s Go Mets!



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