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April 12th, 2019

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Overheard: “The house looked really nice but that damn agent knew I won’t buy a house on the odd-numbered side of the street.”

~~ “It was a very awkward situation,” according to a friend. “Her dad made passes at me for years and I always told him no way. Now he’s dead, and she thinks I’d be a great person to say a few words at his memorial. I either lie or say ‘[dad] was a dickwad.’ So I tell her I get anxious about public speaking so I need to decline.”

~~ How lucky am I that my husband is both handy and limber?

~~ The woman in the nearby dressing room is singing softly. It sounds like the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction,” but then the words become clearer: “I can't get no grill reaction, I can't get no grill reaction, so I fry and I fry and I fry…” What the hell?

~~ She wonders if I can help her out of a legal jam. I tell her that I’m retired, but she says that’s OK because the person suing her is retired as well.

~~ “Is that an original concert tee?” she asks about the vintage 1978 Steve Martin shirt I wore to yoga. “Yes,” I respond. “It’s part of my I’m so old collection.”
I searched for the tee online. There’s one on eBay for $199.00 and a few for under $20. I wonder what the expensive one is made of, because mine is about the thinnest cotton that exists. If it was any slighter, I wouldn’t need a TSA scan at the airport.

~~ Wednesday’s yoga teacher is as big a space geek* as I am, so we awaited the press conference to reveal the black hole photos before class started. As we gushed over seeing something “for real” that was heretofore only presented as an illustration, we began pondering the universe (as one does when given the opportunity).

I mused that since cosmologists and astrophysicists use today’s hi-tech equipment to look back into history — to say, see a star that exploded many years ago — was there a civilization in our future looking back at us? More than that, supposed the teacher, what if they were actually moving us around in some kind of amusing galactic game?

* According to the NY Times, space geek isn’t the right term. A lay person who gets excited by doings in the cosmos is an astrofan, but no way in hell I’m one of these:

~~ I just finished reading Us Against You: A Novel by Fredrik Backman.
I’m a fan of his writing, so a novel about hockey was doubly appealing. It was a bit dark, as human lives often are, but it was compelling in its use of hockey as the thing that both divided and united two towns tucked away in Nowheresville. If you’re not a fan of the sport, don’t let that put you off. It’s just a leitmotif — what this novel is truly about is what lies beneath, alongside, or far, far away from cruelty, deceit, and the mindless anger of a mob. The characters are compelling and the writing is outstanding. I recommend it highly.

~~ Don’t you wish you were as rich as Magic Johnson, so you could chuck it all in such a classless way and not be impacted one iota?

~~ When asked yesterday about Wikileaks after the arrest of Julian Assange, Donnie the Conman claimed he really doesn’t know boo about them. Remember when tRump said "I looooooooooooooove Wikileaks"? He likely said it more times than he professed "I love you" to all three wives and five kids.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend.



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