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March 22nd, 2019

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I got a note from a legal colleague who enjoys reading this blog. His subject line: Dementia-ville still lives! Here’s what he wrote:

I am about to file a suit against an agency and a home health aide. The daughters of an elderly woman contacted me because their mom had a bad bruise across her face that was clearly a hand (I have photos). Yet when they spoke to the aide, she claimed ‘I was just trying to make mom look pretty by fixing her hair, but the curling iron slipped and burned her face.’ They took mom to the ER, and the doc confirmed it was a bruise, not a burn… and I’m told the 97-year-old has so little hair that she barely needs a comb, let alone a curl. These people suck.

~~ Standing in the biography section of the library, I’m contemplating a few books merely because of their alphabetical proximity to each other. There’s a man at the other end of the aisle, but I’m paying no attention. Suddenly he’s at my side, smelling from cigarettes, mouthwash, and cologne. He gestures towards the shelves. “Is there anything here you’d recommend?” he asks (I swear he’s also winking). “You look like someone who reads.”

I shook my head. “I’d ask the librarian for a recommendation. There’s too many for me to choose between.”

Do you think he tries this pickup line in a supermarket? Gesturing towards the spaghetti sauces, he’ll remark that a woman looks like someone who eats!

~~ Setting up for yoga, I grabbed two blocks and put them down on the front of my mat (it helps to straighten out a rolled mat). I never give block placement much thought, and as it turned out, I placed one block up and one sideways. 
Moments into class, the woman to my right reached over and made the block closer to her match the other one. I gave her a quizzical look: she shrugged. After class, she apologized, saying my mismatched blocks had “triggered her OCD.” I smiled and said I’d try to be more mindful, but she shrugged again and said, “You’ll never be careful enough, but that’s my problem. I’m in therapy because I’m tired of trying to rearrange the world. You’d never guess how messy this world really is — and who has time to line up all the garbage cans on the block and the tires on all the cars in the street?”

I made it a point to notice the world’s messiness for the rest of the day. I’m glad she’s in therapy, because there’s disharmony everywhere you look.
From where I sit, the early part of this season has a serious identity crisis. The calendar may designate this month’s waning days as the beginning of spring, but when I set foot outside, I’m immediately tempted to spring back inside to escape the cold.

Don’t be so fast to disparage this time of the year, astronomers would say. They know the earth is tilting more towards the sun, setting the stage for longer days, softer winds, and warmer weather. Botanists would disagree with my dismissal as they understand nature is emerging from its winter dormancy as seeds germinate and the ground softens in preparation. Naturalists recognize that the groundwork is being laid (literally) for the return of critters who wintered elsewhere and for those who feel the stirrings of animal passion. Marine biologists look out for creatures who’ll become livelier as they shed winter’s sluggishness. So if scientists appreciate that renewal is afoot, must I applaud spring’s arrival? I want to, I really do, but I’m still wearing gloves!

~~ Jimmy Carter became the oldest living former president in United States history yesterday.
There’s a lot to be said for following your moral compass and serving others.

~~ I know someone who’s incredibly self-absorbed and constantly puts down other people. A relative described her this way: “She’s the kind of person who goes to a funeral and is jealous because the corpse is the center of attention.” I believe that describes the so-called prez of the US as well.

Dasvidaniya. Have a great weekend.



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