February 21st, 2014

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The reception area was empty except for me. The TV was loudly blaring some daytime chat show, so I asked, “Will you switch to Olympics’ hockey?” And so they did, making me no longer morose over my stupidity in making an appointment six weeks ago that landed smack in the third period of the USA mens’ quarter-finals. 

~~ As for the women’s hockey game, the USA stopped playing physical and started playing tight in the last few minutes. Missing an empty net gives your opponent hope. Pressing causes pausing. And pauses give the other team opportunities.

~~ The “they” that say there’s no such thing as a free lunch are right. I got an offer for a free sample that turned into a 15-minute conversation and a 30-minute consultation. It didn’t result in anything out-of-pocket, but my time is valuable enough. Maybe I’ll learn next time.

~~ Being self-employed is often a tremendous burden, but it certainly gives me the opportunity to fearlessly watch midday sporting events. Hearing that I’d be watching USA-Canada hockey yesterday, a colleague remarked on my priorities. I replied, “Sports is a major part of my life. It’s a form of agitative-meditation.”

~~ My dictionary says that the first known use of agitative was in 1687, yet my computer’s spell-check thinks that it’s not a word.

~~ My two cents: I love watching Jimmy Fallon’s skits and bits on NBC.com and YouTube. He’s very talented and seems sweet, but his interviewing skills don’t compare to David Letterman’s. So I won’t be regularly watching him on The Tonight Show (though good riddance to his predecessor, who trashed lawyers and liberals any time I had to watch his show).

~~ I lift the same heavy weights as always when I work out, but lately I find that opening zipper-style plastic bags is a real struggle. Is it me?
Enjoy your weekend. Spring training is here, tra la!